If you go out for an ouzo, leave your...


If you go out for an ouzo, leave your phone at home. Forget it to remind yourself what it's like to communicate. If you talk while eating and drinking in a cafe, tavern or even better on an island, you remember who you are. Because it's nice to be Greek. When you go out for an ouzo, it is certain that everything will be fine. you will relax You'll remember words you rarely use because they just happen.

It's hard to pinpoint identities when you've learned to live in difficult times. Ouzo has an identity and it's purely Greek. It is natural and smells of Byzantium and antiquity. He smells like sunrise and he smells like sea. And when you smell the sea, all the demons wake up. Words like travel, quest, love, greatness, simplicity. The SMYRNIO smells of the sea, smells of memories.

The story of Ouzo SMYRNIO begins on the coast of Asia Minor, where Konstantinos Bouchlis originated. In the house where he grew up, father Elias made an amateur ouzo, which was quite common in those years. After learning this art and moving to Mytilene, he began making ouzo in a small distillery that he ran at the back of his shop in Mytilene's central market. He then gave his ouzo the names "Traube" and "Smyrnio".

A few years later he joined forces with other Mytilini manufacturers and they formed the Mytilini Cooperative. In this way, they made ouzo known worldwide and made it synonymous with Mytilene. In 2005, Konstantin's son Michalis took over the old recipes of his father, who is now in his 90s and continues to advise, and revived the ouzo as made by his grandfather in Asia Minor, keeping one of the two names that his father later gave gave: "SMYRNIO".

Now in its third generation, the family tradition continues with the production of Ouzo Mytilini SMYRNIO, which combines the old recipe, unchanged from generation to generation, with modern methods that ensure consistently high quality. In this way he fulfilled his childhood dream of continuing the tradition and art of his father and grandfather and in turn passing it on to his children in the future.

Ouzo Mytilini SMYRNIO was made with knowledge and experience to reveal the secrets of ancient lost recipes to those of taste. Enjoy this unique, special Mytilene Ouzo in two flavors, strong or light, depending on your needs. SMYRNIO has the aroma of aniseed and other aromatic herbs that grow exclusively on the island of Lesvos. Distilled drop by drop in traditional copper cauldrons, under the watchful eye of the family. Production is of two types, 40% and 42% - for every taste and mood. Once all quality controls are completed, it is bottled using modern machinery. Available in 50, 200 and 700ml glass bottles. The label shows an engraving of the old town of Mytilene, to always remind of the first steps and the journey through time of this unique recipe.