Paros!  One of the most beautiful...


Paros! One of the most beautiful Cyclades islands in Greece. A picturesque and sun-drenched island in the middle of the Aegean, between Santorini and Mykonos. At first glance a holiday island like many others - with white houses, crystal clear water and fine sandy beaches. Very popular with families with children and anyone looking for peace and relaxation. Thanks to the "Meltemi" wind, the island offers water sports enthusiasts (wind and kite surfers) and sports teams a suitable training location. The charm of this Aegean island lies in the harmony of its unique microclimate, which hides its own character in arid terrain, and its history, said to be over 2500 years old.

In addition to tourism, one of the main sources of income on the island is viticulture! Wines are grown here, often organically and on terraces. The limestone and marble-rich soil ties the vines tightly to the ground in round baskets to withstand the strong winds and protect the grapes. At the same time, the heat during the day and the humidity at night make chemical pest control unnecessary. This microclimate on Paros shapes the quality and taste of the wines! The main varieties grown are Monemvasia and Mandilaria with Designation of Origin.

During our visit to Paros in 2004 we got to know the Moraitis winery. The main goal of Manolis Moraits was the preservation and expansion of the native varieties. Today, in the 4th generation and with over 100 years of tradition (since 1910), his sons Theodoros (inologist) and Savvas (business economist) run the winery. This is where wines with an unmistakable personality are created, combining proven craftsmanship with modern and innovative technology. Even today you won't find any fashion wines here, but authentic, local wines with their own character and the clear handwriting of Theodoros. Among them are also wines with prizes and international awards!

We chose Moraitis wines because they not only taste good on vacation, but because we can enjoy a little vacation in a glass here in Germany!

Discover your favorites here and enjoy a little sun from a glass!